Upcoming Events at Spring Wind Dispensary:
Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee
Teaching from the Classics

7.5 CEUs pending

Sunday, June 30, 2013
from 9-5:30pm at
The Jewish Community Center
3200 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118


The WEI pathology : based on the study of Suwen ch.44 and other classical texts of Chinese medicine. Elisabet Rochat de la Vallee will present the main characteristics of Wei, often translated in English by "wilting" or "atony". This will be followed by a synthesis of the meaning and treatments of Wei syndrome in various ancient and modern Chinese texts.

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee is an internationally respected scholar and translator of Chinese Classical Medical and Philosophical texts, as well as a practitioner of acupuncture in Paris. Her lectures are popular all over Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand for their unique depth, accuracy of detail and liveliness.

Dozens of Elisabeth’s books and articles have been published in several languages. Her long time partnership with Father Claude Larre, produced such works as the 7-volume Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Characters, their translation of selected chapters of the Nei Jing, Ling Shu and Su Wen, as well as the set of 16 books transcribed from their English lecture series. Elisabeth’s more recent books include: The Five Elements in Classical Texts, Jing Shen (Huainanzi Chapter 7), The Rhythm at the Heart of the World, The Double Aspect of the Heart, Pregnany and Gestation, and The Essential Woman among others works all published by Monkey Press.

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee's passion for classical Chinese Medicine and philosophy, along with her dedication to teaching, make her lectures an inspiration.

"Elisabeth's breadth of knowledge is a thing of beauty, where one learns the ancient lessons of life on earth while also learning the art of medicine. Her classes weave philosophy, linguistics, poetry, and ancient Chinese teachings into a tapestry that not only teaches the ancient's views of the natural order of life, but also about the practice of medicine."
—Raven Lang, DAOM, LAc

"Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee is a truly gifted teacher. I have never met anyone in greater command of the Classics of Chinese Medicine. Her classes are lively, insightful, packed with wonderful information and have changed the way I think about Traditional Chinese Medicine, forever. I have studied with her a great deal in the last year and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I can wholeheartedly recommend any class taught by Elisabeth."
—Susan Johnson, OMD

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