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Josephine Spilka

The Nectar of Plants:
Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine

Offered online and live in San Francisco this year, this three-part series will teach you to use essential oils easily and effectively in your healthcare practice. Chinese medicine principles will be presented to form the basis for your understanding of the functions and applications of specific essential oils in the treatment of the most common diseases and disorders.

Each part takes place in four, 2.5-hour, online webcasts. Offered independent of each other and designed to be taken in any order, each Part covers the basics of both use and strategy.

New for 2015! Part I Live in San Francisco, March 14-15!
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco,
3200 California Street, San Francisco 94118

Join Us From Anywhere with our Simultaneous Webcast!
Approved for both California and NCCAOM continuing education credit.

Part I — Strength and Survival — Respiratory
and Digestive Disorders

Learn to use essential oils to build immunity, support healthy respiration and digestion and to relieve respiratory or digestive distress of all kinds.

Part I available online through May 2015.

Part II — Heart and Will - Mental-Emotional, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

Learn to use essential oils to calm the spirit, ease the stresses of life, and build capacity for healthy interaction, opening the heart and focusing the will in service of peace, contentment and spiritual alignment.

Part II available online through August 2015

Part III — Individuation and Evolution — Disorders of the Essence

Learn to use essential oils to nourish, enhance, alter or activate the essence in genetic disorders, cancer, birth trauma, infertility, personality disorders or simply to meet our unique destiny with more of who we are.

Each Part — 10 hours in four 2.5 hour Webcasts.
Investment for each Part = $275, All three Parts = $750
10 CEUs for each Part — NCCAOM approved PDA points
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About Josephine

Josephine has been a disciple of this body for over 50 years and practicing Chinese medicine for over 20. She has had the good fortune to study extensively with Jeffrey Yuen, coming to share his passion for the classical teachings of Chinese medicine. Currently, Josephine delights in mentoring individual students and licensed practitioners, as well as in teaching at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, North Carolina, igniting others with her inspiration and energy for Chinese medicine.