Alchemica Botanica


The idea for ALCHEMICA BOTANICA TCM ESSENTIAL OILS was inspired by Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen, whose teachings on the use of essential oils in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine has guided TCM practitioners into a new dimension of treatment possibilities.

The ALCHEMICA BOTANICA line aims to fill a void in currently available essential oils with the addition of Chinese medicinal herb essences important to practitioners.

All ALCHEMICA BOTANICA oils are CO2 extracted or steam distilled from high quality herbs. Searching out reputable extractors in China and testing oils has been a slow but worthwhile process which is ongoing.

Please refer to our list below for the oils that are available now.

Your comments and requests are gratefully welcomed.

ALCHEMICA BOTANICA oils are currently available for purchase through Spring Wind Dispensary in San Francisco, CA.

Evelyn Robert, L.Ac.
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Product Extraction
Size Price
Bai Zi Ren — Biotae Semen Steam Distillation 5ml $12.00
Bai Yu Lan Ye — Magnolia officinalis Folium Steam Distillation 5ml $12.00
Chai Hu — Bupleurum Radix Steam Distillation 5ml $15.00
Cang Zhu — Atractylodis Rhyzome CO2 5ml $18.00
Chuan Xiong — Linguisticum Wallichii Radix CO2 5ml $12.00
Dang Gui — Angelicae Sinensis Radix CO2 5ml $21.00
Du Huo — Angelicae pubescentis Rx CO2 5ml $12.00
Gan Jiang — Zingiberis officinalis Rz CO2 5ml $15.00
Jiang Xiang - Dalbergiae Odiferae Lignum CO2 5ml $25.00
Jing Jie — Schizonepetae Herba seu Flos Steam Distillation 5ml $18.00
Long Nao — Borneolum Steam Distillation 5ml $16.00
Mu Xiang — Saussurea Radix CO2 5ml $16.00
Rou Gui — Cinnamomi Cortex CO2 5ml $12.00
Ru Xiang - Gummi Olibanum CO2 5ml $14.00
She Chuang Zi —Cnidii Fructus CO2 5ml $15.00
Su He Xiang — Liqudamber Resin (Styrax) CO2 5ml $12.00
Wu Wei Zi — Schisandrae Chinensis Fr. CO2 5ml $12.00
Xiang Fu — Cyperi Rhyzome CO2 5ml $18.00
Zi Su Ye — Perillae Folium CO2 5ml $18.00
Product Extraction
Size Practitioner Price Retail Price
Organic Ling Zhi Spore Oil — Ganoderma Lucidum CO2 100ml $196.00 $240.00
Shi Liu Zi Oil — Pomegranate seed oil CO2 100ml $ 36.00 $ 42.00