Spring Wind Dispensary is a full service Chinese herb pharmacy, filling custom raw herb and granulated extract formulas by prescription for licensed healthcare professionals, their patients, and qualified acupuncture students.

The shop is located in a store front at the corner of Sutter and Lyon, San Francisco in a pleasant traditional pharmacy setting.

Spring Wind Dispensary’s small dedicated core staff has over 75 years of combined Chinese herbal expertise. As practitioners ourselves, we understand your needs and are available to consult with you about your formulas. Unlike the pharmacies of large distributors or manufacturers, who interface with customers remotely through the internet or through customer service representatives, our sole purpose is to be here for you and your patients with personal, customized service and the quality, tested herbs we use in our own clinics.

Private practitioner accounts are maintained with a complete history of all formulas for easy reference and refills.

The dispensary provides grinding and encapsulation.

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Safety Standards and Proceeures Raw herb formulas are always combined with cleanliness, care and accuracy. Granulated extract formulas are meticulously combined in a separate room specifically designed to maintain clean conditions.

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Spring Wind Dispensary is committed to utilizing only the highest quality, cleanest herbs and herbal products available. Our raw herbs come from Spring Wind Herbs, Inc., well known for their particular care in choosing high quality herbs of correct species, testing for contaminants, and currently offering a growing number of certified organic herbs.

CEU Classes: Both live and Online sponsored by Spring Wind Dispensary on subjects related to traditional Chinese medicine are an ongoing part of our commitment to the community. Visit our Web site for details.

Students are always welcome for study and herb samples. We welcome student volunteers.